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Yomitan Village Sightseeing Guide

In Yomitan Village, you can experience nature and various cultures unique to Okinawa.
We will introduce the facilities around BANTA CAFE.

Yachimun Pottery Village

About 15 mins from BANTA CAFE by car

At Yachimun pottery village, gathers workshops of Okinawan traditional pottery "Yachimun".
You can enjoy selecting pottery vessels or plates while looking up close the pottery being made.

Zakimi Castle Ruins

About 10 mins from BANTA CAFE by car

It is registered as a World Heritage Site along with Shuri Castle Ruins. In addition to the magnificent curved walls, there is also a museum where you can see the history of Yomitan Village.


About 15 mins from BANTA CAFE by car

"Kinabansho" is a historical building that once played a central role in the politics and administration of Yomitan village, where you can find out about tourist information and specialty products in this Village.

Nirai Beach

Takes about 3 mins by car, and about 10 mins on foot

A swimming beach where you can experience Okinawan characteristic shallow water, which is one of the most transparent areas in the prefecture. You can also enjoy marine sports.

Zanpa Cape

Takes about 5 mins from BANTA CAFE by car

Zanpa cape is located at cliffs. Waves hitting rocks and giving white splashes are a magnificent seascape. On a clear day you can also see the Kerama Islands.

Reservation is not required at BANTA CAFE. Please feel free to come anytime from the morning until sunset.